"The Band" 

This is my site in Tribute to one of the greatest Hair Bands of all time. Formed in 1987
by vocalist Sandi Saraya and keyboard player Gregg Munier, this US rock band
originally traveled under the title  Alsace Lorraine. With the addition of Tony Rey
(guitar), Gary Taylor (bass) and Chuck Bonfante (drums), they changed their name  to
Saraya. Fusing influences such as Heart, the Pretenders and Pat Benatar, they recorded
a self titled debut for Polygram; a melodic and highly polished collection of AOR
numbers characterized by Sandi's infectious vocal style. Following  internal disputes
Taylor and Munier  quit in 1990 and were replaced by John Roggio and Barry Dunaway,
Sandi is Currently married to actor Brendan Kelly 

Both of Saraya’ s Cd’s are now out of print, hence they are very rare and hard to find.
Keeping your eyes open in those basement bins record shops may be the only way to get
them now.

Also Ebay Usually has one or both available at any time

Big Breaking News

Exclusive Video of Sandi with her Church Band

Enjoy this all you Fans. It may not be the Saraya Reunioun we were waiting for but it's the next best thing and we can keep hoping.

Sandi sure still has it and and this little tease will have to do for now.

Thanks Sandi from all your Fans around the world

Stay Tuned!

Saraya Pulls Out of Firefest

Reunion Unknown

The Real Story from Sandi Herself


In response to recent press from the Firefest team over the reasoning behind the Band Saraya pulling out of this year's FF7 show, singer Sandi Saraya asked that I publish a personal note from her. It reads:

"My sincerest apologies to Kieran, Tony Bruno, Chuck Bonfante and Barry Dunaway. But most of all to those who appreciated our small contribution to music..and those who wanted to see us play again. I know and understand why you all are disappointed in me, but would like the chance to clarify as to what the reasons were.

Yes, its true that I requested a certain amount of money to play Firefest...but all those involved knew it was because I needed to cover my expenses as far as airfare/passport/incidentals/hotel for my family to travel with me, which was my sole purpose in agreeing to play in the first place...so that my 5 children could experience some of my past...I have no other motivation for doing it. I am not seeking fame, publicity, I am not trying to revive a career, and I certainly was not in this for personal gain. If that was the case, I would have told Kieran that I needed my family's airfare paid for when he first presented us with the opportunity. I didn't ask for that.

I was first asked to play this in July of 2009. Back then I had the means to provide my family's tickets and travel expenses myself..but 3 months ago my husband had to undergo surgery..and then undergo physical therapy, and the final blow was the unforeseeable medical bills which exceeded $200k. In the meantime..I had heard little from the rest of the band..understandable as they all have busy lives as well. In the end it was choosing between what was best for my family for medical and financial reasons and having to go out of pocket to make it possible to perform at Firefest. I was truly looking forward to going and was hoping we'd be able to pull something out of the hat to make it happen..but communication between the parties was pretty hazy at best and things broke down pretty quickly via emails.

I appreciate what Kieran has done for bands of our genre and am deeply saddened that he and my former bandmates chose to omit my extenuating circumstances and instead are portraying me as someone I am not. I understand the frustration, but not the character assassination of myself, as I believed at one point we were friends. I have the utmost respect for my band members regardless of their stance..It hurts me, yes, that they have gone this route..but if that's what they need to do, so be it. I won't blame them. It is extremely disappointing to all involved, and especially the fans, and for that I am sorry. That being said..I hope you now can find it in your hearts to understand. Thank you - Sandi Saraya."

This is from the Firefest Website

Firefest is extremely saddened that Sandi, despite making the commitment to perform at the show in December 2009 has chosen at relatively short notice to back track on her original decision. After a period of will she won't she, she finally asked for a totally inappropriate amount of money for herself personally to actually perform. Firefest had already went way beyond the original deal in an effort to make the Saraya show happen, offering much more financially than we had agreed. In fact the improved package we offered was over double what we had agreed from day 1 but apparently it was not enough. We have nothing but the highest regard and respect for Chuck Bonfante and Tony Bruno who went WAAAY above and beyond the call of duty in order to make this happen. The guys are extremely upset and annoyed that Sandi would choose to make this first time reunion about the almighty $, but sadly it appears this is the case. For the record Chuck, Tony and Barry at no stage asked for anything extra and were more than happy with the original agreement It is with great regret that we must inform you that Saraya will not be playing Firefest 2010 and a replacement act will be confirmed very shortly.

I knew when I first heard this report from the Firefest web site I knew that there had to be another story as this did not sound like something Sandi would say or do. Everyone send their thoughts and prayers Sandi's way during her difficult time. and hope some day a reunioun can still happen.

Saraya To Re-unite after 18 Years!!!

Well it looks like it is going to happen

Saraya is supposed to re-unite in  the UK in October  2010

With all original members except Greg of course

Here's the details:


I am trying to get more info to post and if anybody is going or has info or pics when it happens please contact me!

  Sad News

Gregg Munier passed away on Feb 3 2006
Shocking News
I wish I could of knew him.
Here is some notes from people who did

New Stuff

Update 06/22/2007

Personal Story's from Fans
Michael D'Andrea Has sent me some more personal Saraya pics
Check them out here

I have been contacted by a guy named Greg who used to drive the Tour Bus for Saraya. He has some great stories and pics and other stuff. Click here to Read all about it. Real Cool Stuff

Listen to the song "Chain Smokin' which was supposed to go on the third album that
 never happened.
 This is rare. rare, rare and sent to me by DJ George. You'll need Real Player to hear it.
 It's going to stream so it's fast.
 Here's the story behind how he got it.....
 (Ok, this is the info I got from my friend Glenn:
Chain Smokin' if off a 4 song import single that was released in support
 of "Then The Blackbird Sings..."  It was found in England at a record store
 in the early 90's.)
 Here's the scan of the cover-- Rare
 Check out DJ George's great radio show on the net at YTSERadio.
There is great radio on the net if you know where to look!

Another great fan has sent me some personal Saraya Photo's!
Thanks to Michael D'Andrea we have these great Shots Of Sandi and the boys playing at Toads Place in New Haven, CT
Thanks Michael

Neat shot of Sandi in  NY in some kinda Geisha Girl Outfit?
Taken at the Cat Club in December  1989, from the collection of "ANDRES E. LOPEZ or SHERRI CALVELO", "Yosemite Sam"/"Shooting
Here's a whole series of New Stuff sent to me by Sherri. Lots of Pics from different clubs and allot of other neat shots also,
Check It out

Some more great personal Pics sent to me by one of Sandi's friends
Lisa Maranella

Saraya Kerrang Interview

An article about the Band from a local NJ paper when they were starting out

Ad from the Bottom Line in New York City

And a review of that show

Here's a pic taken after the Show with a record exec.

Sandi Talks about "Making of Blackbird Sings"

Another interview with Sandi about "Blackbird"

Another Interview with Sandi

Here's a poster from a Sam Goody record store appearance in NJ where Sandi Worked with Lisa

Heres A Cool Site from a guy who saw them and has a stub and review as well as other shows!

Here's some Personal Pics Lisa sent me from a autograph signing at the Sam Goody's store in NJ
(click on Pic)

Chuck, Sandi and Gregg at Sam Goody's

Chuck, Sandi, Gregg, and a Sam Goody Employee

Can you guess what they are drinking?

Sandi, Gregg, and Lisa who sent me the pics.

Here's a bunch from a Gig at the Bottom Line in NY

Interview with the band from Jim Magahern Thanks man

Here's a recent interview with a guy from Danger-Danger and they mention Sandi:

Did you ever ask guest guitarist Tony Bruno (ex-Saraya) to join the band?

(DD)Yes. While he was recording our first album with us. He was driving back and forth from our studio to Saraya’ s,
recording guitar for both albums. Saraya was more of his baby. He wrote a lot of the songs. Our record was already
written so Tony didn't have as much creative input. It was the right decision. He's basically in the band now. Has been
for a few years. We won't tour unless he's available to play with us. We usually get him in between his gigs with
Enrique Iglesias. Of course if Andy wanted to do some shows with us, he knows the door is always open as well. We're
very spoiled. We've played with some of the most talented guitarists in the world.

Are there any other guitarists you tested for the job?


Do you know where Sandi Saraya has vanished?

(DD)She's out there. We saw her at Tony's wedding. She’s got a kid and a great family. She may be back.

Lets hope that's True!  (From Ralph Geiger www.rockreunion.com )



Never heard  wait no longer.

This Month's Feature is the Song they did in the Movie Shocker Timeless Love 



   (Click on thumbnail)

Sandi Saraya (Sweetest little voice ya ever heard!)

Tony (Rey) Bruno (Screaming Guitar) Tony Bruno is now with Danger Danger (still not officially).
 He was, of course, DD's original guitarist before he left for Saraya and Andy Timmons
 was recruited. Tony also runs a studio in NYC and produces new artists.

Chuck Bonfante (Drums) Since having left Saraya, Chuck Bonafante recorded albums
 with Morning Wood, Drive She Said, Flesh & Blood, Rock Super Stars
 Volume 1 and Mark Mangold.

Barry Dunaway (Bass)

Gregg Munier (Keys)

Gary "Skid" Taylor

And not Pictured
John Roggio 

Sandi facts:

She once worked at the Sam Goody in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus NJ.

Once married to Brian Wheat of Tesla

Here's some Saraya In Concert Stories. If you have one please send it to me!

Another interesting pic

Cool Press Shot

Check out this article that was done on Saraya early in their career.

Pic of Sandi's Husband, Daughter and Possibly Sandi in th background....Circa 2003

Thanks go to the following for contributions to this site:

Lisa Maranella

Dawn Thom

Michael Merrill

Babu Barat

John Smallshaw 

Some Great Links

Mama    (Check out this band She's a Sandi fan you will dig it)
The Heart page
The Kiss Asylum
Dream Theater
Deep Purple 


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