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Nobody likes the word diet; no matter how pretty you make it look or how nicely you spin the word around in your mouth when you say it. At the end of the day, it’s still a diet and whenever anyone thinks diet, what comes to their mind is restrictions and nobody likes that! However, a new diet has been taking the world by storm, especially because it’s supposedly not as restrictive. It’s the Paleo Diet, and let’s take a look at just what it is.

On its own, the world Paleo means ancient or old. Therefore, by combining it with the term diet, it can be said that this diet is meant to take us back to original eating habits. The ones that we good, and actually kept us fit. The eating before all these modern conveniences made obesity that much more accessible.

Therefore, the Paleo Diet consists of a few main things: lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats. Therefore what this does mean is that you’re going to have to wean yourself off some of the other things you normally eat, like dairy products, grains, sweet stuff, things like legumes that don’t give you healthy fat, starches and drinking alcohol is no-no on this diet.

It doesn’t sound that hard does it? For those with the right discipline, the paleo diet can be amazing. However if you aren’t disciplined, don’t expect amazing results.

What are the benefits of the Paleo Diet?

This diet has amazing benefits, according to the persons who came up with it. It’s meant to help you return that original lifestyle that you were meant for, in the best way possible. In reality, the Paleo Diet isn’t really a diet, it’s a lifestyle; a lifestyle that once you cultivate it you’ll reap massive results. What kind of results you may ask?

For one thing the Paleo Diet reprograms your metabolism, to make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off. Therefore, you workouts become more efficient, and you’ll be losing crazy pounds once you start hitting the gym. You’ll find yourself sleeping better, having less allergies, feeling more energetic throughout the day, and your blood sugar will be stabilized.

This diet is amazing hands down, it just takes the right amount of dedication to get this thing started. However, once you do start adhering to what you’ve been reading about it and ensuring that you eat right and do the proper exercise. You’ll see the pounds just falling off of you.

The Paleo Diet is the way of the future! Hands down, no joke about that. This diet is one of the few ones out there that actually gets you proven results. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this diet, apart from maybe that you aren’t disciplined enough. However, that sort of thing is easily cultivated, especially if you see results.

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer’s market

The Paleo Diet:  Healthy pork & bacon recipe you’ll never believe

Think about it, do you think there’s any way for a pork and bacon recipe to be healthy? That’s right, pork and bacon in the same dish, under the banner of healthy. Possible? If you think it isn’t, think again. This recipe actually is healthy; in fact you can eat it while you’re on the paleo diet.

Here’s how you make it:

You’ll need two pounds of pork, preferably the tenderloin, about ten slices of your favorite bacon, some homemade barbeque sauce, and some simple seasonings. By simple, we mean sea salt and black pepper. That’s all you need to gather in order to make this amazing dish.

All you have to do is wrap up each slice of pork completely in the bacon; perhaps sticking a toothpick or three in there to ensure that it stays snug in there. Slice the wrapped up pieces of pork into little smaller circles. After you do this, just lightly season the meat with the seasonings from earlier and grill on each side until the meat’s cooked. Afterwards, slather the pieces with some barbeque sauce and then grill them lightly again.

Who knew that something that sounded so unhealthy could actually be good for you? If you’re looking for a tasty way eat on the Paleo Diet, this recipe is definitely for you. What are you waiting for? Head on over to your grocery store, pick up these items now and get cooking!

The Paleo Diet: A Healthy filling breakfast that’s so good you won’t believe!

Diets normally mean starvation for some people, but this isn’t so with the Paleo diet. Instead, you can actually eat well on this diet, and feel full and enjoy some normally “taboo” foods, just with a different spin. Let’s take a look at how you can make a healthy breakfast casserole complete with sausages to make the meal heartier.

You need about seven to eight eggs and a pound and a quarter of Italian sausages without the casing. This is the basis of much of the casserole. For little chunks within the casserole, you’re going to need some sweet potatoes, onion, bell pepper, garlic, green onions, some coconut milk, sea salt and black pepper as well as some cooking fat to get all of this to hold together for more recipes visit

All you’ve got to do is cook the sausages, vegetables, sweet potatoes in the cooking fat and mix them all together once you’re finished. Separately, you’ll mix the eggs together and add some coconut milk and the simple seasoning. Afterwards, just pour the eggs into the other mixture with sausage and bake for 20 minutes at 375 Fahrenheit.


You’ll get a pretty filling breakfast item that can feed four people, or feed you up to four times. It’s one of those recipes that are healthy but don’t look that way, so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet or being held to strict regime. If you have discipline problems, this diet is for you!

The Paleo Diet: A healthier alternative to a pumpkin spice latte

In autumn, pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage! However, these delectable treats are known to be surprisingly fattening and can seriously throw you off of your calorie intake for the day. Therefore, the Paleo Diet has developed an alternative to the pumpkin spice latte; it’s called the pumpkin pie smoothie, and it’s a delectable thing to try. Let’s look at how it’s made.

What you’ll need to make this delectable dish is pumpkin puree, about a cup of it. One whole cup of your favorite plain yogurt and a half cup of some great quality apple juice. Surprisingly, you’ll also need a banana, as well as pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract and ice.

Like most smoothies, the procedure is simple; just throw everything into the blender and blend until everything is smooth and looks thick and wonderful. Serve it in a clear cup, and I doubt anyone would know the difference between this and an original pumpkin spice latte. Well they would, but this is much more lenient on your waistline and calorie intake, unlike those lattes.

The Paleo Diet has a ton of recipes for virtually any and everything that you can think of. Plus, their recipes don’t sacrifice taste for healthiness, so you can be almost sure that you won’t feel left out from the average person who doesn’t watch what they eat. That’s the beauty of the Paleo diet; the versatility and just how darn tasty it is.







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